Hengsheng Graphite



Hengsheng Graphite was established in 2014. The company has a registered capital of 55.6812 million yuan and more than 500 employees. It is a company focusing on the research and development and production of isostatic graphite, and product processing. An integrated national high-tech enterprise, the graphite material production base is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the product processing base is located in Jiaxiang, Jining and Qujing, Yunnan. Hengsheng Graphite specializes in providing graphite materials and products for photovoltaics, semiconductors, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, new materials, new energy and other industrial fields. It has cooperated with Longi, Gaojing, JA Technology, JinkoSolar, Shanghai Computer, Tongwei, More than ten large listed companies such as Yuze and Shuangliang Co., Ltd. have established long-term strategic partnerships and established friendly cooperative relationships with more than 30 photovoltaic, semiconductor, and machinery manufacturing companies. In 2022, Hengsheng Graphite adheres to the dual-wheel drive of industry and capital, and introduces strategic investors to increase capital of the company by 155 million yuan. The company’s comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced; it successfully acquired Chengdu Haicheng Yuanchuang Technology Co., Ltd., realizing the transformation from raw materials to products. The entire industrial chain is connected.